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Hey, what's app? Wrong!

Truly, right: what's up?

Simply read:


B e t t e r 


Refrain . . .


. . . from

turning your inside out . . .



FaceTubeTwitterChattings ? -


Refrain . . .

. . .  from talking to a no body:

Typing personal matters.

As leisure activity.

Better than a boring nothing?

Diarywise for one self.


"Social Media" that are none.

What a fake naming.

Because they are not 'social'.

Serving the blue chip industry.

Business by illusions.

And other strange interests, too.


"Mayor Tom", remote controlled.



You can not know, who exactly and
really is recipient of your tellings.

is it constantly uncertain
whether a  gotten message really comes
from the someone, as it appears.

This uncertainty truly is there.

Of such questionable reliability
you want to depend on?

And recent findings strongly support
these doubts about this 'cyberworld'.-

A Faker's Paradise?

. . .


Finally: No one
has the overview onto this www-system...



Postings "2 everyone" ? -

a 'Hello' - a messaging.  2 whom?



Unwanted responses

possibly coming, then

often too late, with

no way back  . . .


. . .  privacy - left








* nobodies

dancing *


onto a

one way street

with no return.







Off line . . .


. . .   like in ' former times '


face 2 face

fits us



<  ; - )



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Use your eyes for seeing the beauties,
the looks of reality.




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