'Keeping off the hook' - stay being tuned... 


... since we learnt from Mr. Snowdens explanations:

For privacy reasons, I basically try to stay away from
internet based communication via email as much as possilbe.-
And certainly, I am not a member / do not take part in these self expressive forums
like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or other chatting channels that conquer the web.
These and also companies as Amazon and Google (with its Android-software)
intentionally collect data identities and behavior for their business purposes ...

Should you want to contact me, I will be happy looking forward, if you:
give me a call, send me a notice via fax (no. on request) or a letter by postal mail.

Sincerely, York.




York-Axel Weidemann

Am Kleibach 15

48153 Muenster



Tel.  ++ 49   (0)2 51   748 2280      Q





Do you like this very work shown in the background?
It was created in 2006 and is called
"The Stinking of a Fish starts from its Head".



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